18 March 2007

Valley Aquanaut club PE

New Kayak shop in town: www.god-tur.no

The BSI paddling club has purchased two "Valley Aquanaut Club" in Polyetylene from the guys at God Tur AS. We took one of them out wednesday and Stefan and I got to test it a little. The boat handled much like the other brit boats we have tried. Speed and manouverability is very good. What came as a suprise was the low volume and low back deck. Easy to roll and do the "cowboy rescue". The hull is also much stiffer than many other PE boats. Conclusion: No doubt one of the best kayak deals around. Highlight: rope operated skeg - impossible to break, easy to fix!

Epics in rain

Title inspired by TITS 3, we were suprised by a strong offshore wind today, about the same strength as in the film. Slow progress back to the clubhouse, but good training.
Todays mission was to find places to land in an emergency. Lots of good places, but it helps to know where they are when you need them!

9 March 2007

Rockhopper numero uno

Njord, the most hardcore kayak company on the face of the earth (yes, I write what I want here), has asked me to hold some Njord Rockhopper courses this season. A great and unexpected honor!
That means that I also will be in kayak Nirvana Bulandet april 28.-29.

5 March 2007

Pool training

Finally, I made the "reverse sweep roll"! (underwater view). I have been struggling with it for two years and yesterday it suddenly came to me together with the "behind the head standard roll" HA!
If you need some rolling inspiration, take a look at the Greenland rolling list.