30 April 2007


Although this is supposed to be about kayaks, I just have to bring in some wheels! Today I got 60 km on the c-40 - nice. I have been rebuilding some bikes lately and had to get a new mountainbike frame in titanium(!) to use all my spare parts, besides I am a bit tired of cars. Joachim of "Bergen sykkelservice" has convinced me to take up mountainbiking. The Kona dr. Dew has got a pair of Mavic speedcity wheels, a 48-34 compact crank and splasguards - perfect for its use. The Colnago got a new seat, Flite TT and new tyres.

Lots of paddling

The last month, I have paddled and traveled a lot with no time to write. First two beginners courses, then Veileder course and finally I went to Geilo with my twenty 7. graders (work!). Rolling night at BSI again this week...

7 April 2007

Easter paddling

Friday we took a trip together with two guys from Øygarden havkajakk klubb. The goal was to paddle in four star conditions and do some rockhopping. First it looked like the rockhopping was out of the question as the waves were quite big. Later we found a nice reef on the northern tip of Dyrøy that could be managed. We altso saw two eagels.

2 April 2007

Rockhopper course

Eivind, Torbjørn and I were instructors on the Njord Rockhoppercourse this weekend. Eight paddlers from my club and some others made this a great experience.
Saturday we started as planned, training strokes along shore and between rocks. Focus on Sweep-stroke and sideways draw-stroke. After some easy playing in the growing swell we had a little crossing and discovered that the wind had increased quite a lot. After lunch it had reached 14 m/s and playing in our planned spots was out of the question. Instead we played in a smaller surf, but not the space we needed and we couldn`t split the group beacause of the weather. It was a hard day and too much paddling so the people got quite tired after dinner.

Second day we got out to perfect rockhopping conditions. Slight wind and a bit more swell. Lot of playing and some rescue training.

Kayak vs. Rock

Thursday Eivind, Torbjørn and I went out to find some nice spots and to plan the first Njord Rockhoppercourse of the season. We found a great place west of Nore Sele in Øygarden. There were only a small swell, but we all got our hair wet...