10 December 2006

This is nothing less than the greatest piece of work on greenland kayaks I have ever seen! Harvey Golden has written a book where he presents "one hundred and four greenland kayaks". http://www.traditionalkayaks.com/ One often hear people dividing greenland kayaks into west or east greenland kayaks. This book tells you more. A LOT more. Golden recognises 13 different types of grenland kayaks after having studied kayaks in museums and in Greenland. He altso build 18 replicas to find out how they behaved on the sea. What suprised me most is how narrow these kayaks are. Most of them are less than 50 cm wide and one as narrow as 36,9 cm! One is 630 cm long and 43 cm wide, something that already makes me think about the 2007 "Sotra Sea Kayak Race"... Anyway, I first have to start building a rolling kayak. Found wood for the gunwales Saturday, so it`s rolling! Dimensions: 480x46x12(depth). Strongly inspired by Magnus Aström http://qajaq.se/joomla/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=17&Itemid=36 and a rolling kayak build by Davidsen and Padilla now owned by the Sisimiut Team of Qaannat Kattuffiat

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