2 April 2007

Rockhopper course

Eivind, Torbjørn and I were instructors on the Njord Rockhoppercourse this weekend. Eight paddlers from my club and some others made this a great experience.
Saturday we started as planned, training strokes along shore and between rocks. Focus on Sweep-stroke and sideways draw-stroke. After some easy playing in the growing swell we had a little crossing and discovered that the wind had increased quite a lot. After lunch it had reached 14 m/s and playing in our planned spots was out of the question. Instead we played in a smaller surf, but not the space we needed and we couldn`t split the group beacause of the weather. It was a hard day and too much paddling so the people got quite tired after dinner.

Second day we got out to perfect rockhopping conditions. Slight wind and a bit more swell. Lot of playing and some rescue training.

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