7 June 2007

Can not find my camera

I have a huge problem. My waterproof camera is missing (somewere in the house) and I don't get to take any pictures of my trips. There has been lots of opportunities lately but no time to write and no inspiration as the photos are really my spine in this blogg.

Anyway, I joined the "NPF Videregående kurs" some weeks ago (kind of a 4*course) and had a wonderful weekend on the sea.

I also helped on the Njord Sea kayak Symposium, rockhopper-daytrip and NPF technique course.

I bought a new SKUK Romany from Nomekajakk and it really feels like a riverkayak! Short and turnable. FANTASTIC playboat, but painfully slow...
Rolling practice yesterday: did the armpit roll and I am now confident with the forward sweep roll. Starting to understand some of the rope tricks as well.
Thanks to Einar for the pictures!

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