10 June 2007


I have three whole days in the open ocean in my new kayak by now, and I feel I have to say something. The slowness doesn't bother me anymore. It's no problem in a (normal) group, as the touring speed is quite lazy. For confused sea it is like cheating! I can sit calmly with the paddle in one hand and the camera in the other while the waves breaks into my chest. Ok, I still have to work, but some passages seems a lot more likely to be negotiated alive from now on. I got a new roll in the boat as well, the armpit roll on first attemt. A short ocean playboat like this makes the perfect pair together with my Greenlander Pro.

1 comment:

Torbjørn said...

Flott med ein sånn hyllest te Romany:)
Hadde det ikkje vore for tri eksamener på fem dagar sko eg gjerne vore med på lekedagen i BSI!
Såg bildene, virka kjekt!
Fekk forresten te å ligga skikkelig i (static brace??) i Romanyen i helgå. Finfin båt å gjer det i!