9 November 2006

New times!

Early autumn, I took a look at Eivinds new surfkayak. He even spoke about getting a backshield for the extreme work. I tried to visualize what he had in mind, but could`t really... until one day I came across this book on amazon.com: "Extreme Sea kayaking" by Eric Soares and Michael Powers of the Tsunami Rangers. Now I could finally get a glimpse through the mist and see what is on the extreme side of sea kayaking. The EXTREME side. Not wild, not fun, not tough, not like anything you would imagine until you read it, and have to believe beacause there are pictures as well... New tricks like diving to the bottom and holding on to the seaweed to escape crushing against cliffs, seal landing on 12 meters high rocks, getting stuck 5 meters up a rockface when rockhopping, kayaks getting bitten by great whites... the list goes on and on. This is a real classic!

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