28 November 2006

Veileder Hav first gathering, Trondheim

Time for summing up the Veileder course last weekend in Trondheim. This was the first of three gatherings to become a Veileder, the highest level of coach in the NPF (Norwegian Paddling Assosiation). We were 12 quite experienced paddlers from all over the country, and two experienced Veileder hav. Thomas, the president of NPF, also joined us.
So, what was it all about? Both Saturday and Sunday we had both theory and practical paddling.
The lesson learnt from the practical sessions are:
1. Playing games in a kayak is the best way to learn.
2. The inuits have developed more ways to roll a kayak than others, and not only that, they also developed the best paddling style and paddles.
3. November in Trondheim means cold fingers when wet.
The theory was a lot about coaching as opposed to instruction, law and responsibility. Very inspiring!


Dag Roland said...

Hello Hallvard and "takk for sist" in Trondheim! I think these are great pages, and I´ll be sure to check in here regularly for updates. I am sure we´ll meet again in April.


Hallvard said...

Same to you! It was actually your page that inspired me to make this blog.

Anonymous said...

veldig interessant, takk

Anonymous said...

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